• The Wild Blue Yonder

    By Chris Middlehurst | 10 Sept, 2016

    Imagine a film that mixes the rantings of a jet-lagged alien with video footage of a NASA mission. More>>

  • UmbertoD

    By Chris Middlehurst | 04 Sept, 2016

    Umberto D is an angry, compassionate and indignant film. The governing elite are not seen, but the effects of their actions are all too apparent in de Sica’s depiction of Rome. More>>

  • Chafed Elbows

    By Chris Middlehurst | 20 August, 2016

    Robert Downey Senior is one of the great underground film makers of the 1960s and 70s. More>>

  • The Poetry of T.S. Eliot

    By Zeen Elghusein | 22 September, 2015

    A short and lovely insight into the poetry of the great American-born English poet, playwright and literary critic T.S. Eliot. More>>